Weights, Measures and Oven Temperatures

Weights and Measures 
Remember, when using Weights and Measures in cooking, as a general rule only use one set of measures throughout the recipe you are using.
Do not mix metric, imperial and/or cup quantities from any single recipe.

Spoon Measures
When using spoon measurements in a recipe, table cutlery and serving spoons are not suitable to measure with due to them not being of a uniform size or a standard capacity.
Always use standard measuring utensils, these are available at all good cookery shops.

Weights                              Volume                                                  
Metric      Imperial         Metric       Imperial                           
        8g                1/4oz                  5ml                -                   1tsp
      15g                1/2oz                10ml                -                   2tsp
      20g                 3/4oz               20ml                -                  1tbsp
      25g                  1oz               30ml               1fl oz       11/2tbsp
      30g                  1oz               50ml           2fl oz           3tbsp
      45g              11/2oz               60ml          21/2fl oz       31/2tbsp
      50g              13/4oz                               (1/2gill)
      55g                  2oz               75ml               3fl oz           4tbsp
      75g              21/2oz             100ml              4fl oz         1/4pint        
      85g                  3oz             150ml              5fl oz         1/4pint        
    1oog              31/2oz                                    (1gill)

Oven Temperatures
Centigrade    Fahrenheit   Gas mark
   110                     225                    gas1/4
   120                    250                    gas1/2
   140                    275                    gas1
   150                    300                   gas2
   160                    325                   gas3
   180                    350                   gas4
   190                    375                   gas5
   200                   400                   gas6
   220                   425                   gas7
   230                   450                   gas8
   240                   475                   gas9